To Eat

TO EAT is a feature length documentary series about new approaches of food production.

It consists out of big chapters:





Meat and bone meal (mbm), seeds, soylent green

Hydroponica, aquaponica, urban plant farms

Existing food production systems in the world are not sustainable and will not be able to provide enough food for the growing population in time ahead of us. Resources are irreversibly spent, especially water and agricultural soil, and consumption is growing – from fossil fuels through mineral fertilizers, pesticides, transportation.

To meet its own needs, the EU imports over 70 percent protein, almost exclusively from North and Latin America, often of GMO origin. Above all, in EU third of the produced food goes wasted.

That is why it is necessary to stop negative trends and make a gradual reversal towards sustainable systems and green technologies in the food supply chain.

Documentary series “To Eat” discusses contemporary and some future forms food production – from insects, as possible utopian, to soylent green, as dystopian future.

Director: Dario Juričan

Juričan has MA in German language and literature & Comparative literature and he also  graduated Filmmaking from the London Film Academy.

His interest are drama fiction movies and documentaries.

He made three feature length documentary movies : The Boss (Gazda), The Boss: Beginning (Gazda: Početak) and Godfather petit (Kumek).

Scriptwriter: Saša Paparella

Paparella has MA in Political science.

He is distinguished journalist working in the field for 20 years. His interests are wide: from political corruption, sport to agriculture.

He is coauthor of three biographical books of Croatian tycoons: Ivica Todorić, Miroslav Kutle, Milan Bandić.


Project development is supported by Croatian directors guild.



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